Oh my, what a turnout!! Hot Rods & Heels completely sold out!
This night was the night I’ve been preparing for what felt like a long time. There were so so many talented and wonderful woman with all kinds of beautiful costumes.

My awesome friend, Rozie, made my costume and I remixed the music all by my lil lonesome in Garage Band.

I felt really honored to be apart of the whole experience. As I find photos, I will be putting them in the Hot Rods & Heels photo album in the photos section.

Photo by Kristen Corgill

And here’s my debut of my Barbarella routine:

Rose Darling :: Barbarella Burlesque from Rose Darling on Vimeo.

Rose Darling performs her Barbarella burlesque routine at Hot Rods & Heels. Music: Droge CX 9 (Vampyros Lesbos Soundtrack) remixed by Rose Darling with clips from the movie Barbarella. Costume Design by Rozie Deloach.

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