Atomic Frolic was just AMAZING!
I felt that it was a really strong show and its always great to hang out backstage with all the burly girlies! AND I got to meet Kitten DeVille, the headliner of the show! She is so very nice and man, can that lady shake-shake-shake!!

Java, the creator of Bachelor Pad Magazine was our host. He’s a very outgoing, friendly guy. So easy to talk to. He’s met all kinds of interesting people and keeps a little autograph book with him that he gets everyone to sign that he meets (which I got to sign!). I thought that was a pretty cool idea, I have a hard enough time trying to get pictures. I get so swept up in the excitement that it’s hard to remember to make memories.

I also debuted a new dance, the song is called “It Had Better Be (Tonight)” by Lena Horne. I have known this song for quite awhile now and it has always stuck out to me, I’m glad I finally got to dance to it. It’s such a powerful and fast song, my favorite kind.

Rose Darling :: It Had Better Be from Rose Darling on Vimeo.

I don’t have any performance photos up yet, but I do have my own, which you can see here.
I will also have photos from the pin-up photoshoot earlier in the day. I’ll post again when I have those. What a great weekend!

If you missed out on this show, I’ll soon be posting info on the next show October 23rd.
Mark your calendars!

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