Chicago. I love Chicago.
I was very thankful I had the excuse to go back up to Chicago (I grew up there for a bit) when Red Hot Annie invited me out to perform. I was lucky enough to be coming into town for the same weekend as Penny Starr Jr. Sadly, one of the performances had to be canceled due to Blue Bayou temporarily losing their performance permit, but we still went there to hang out with the regulars and it gave me a chance to really talk with some of the local burly girls of Chicago.

The next night was at Exit, which is the oldest punk rock club in Chicago. Vaudezilla gets a pretty great crowd and put on two shows in one night for this monthly gig. All the girls that performed were really original and were very talented dancers. I made sure to hang in with the crowd while I was waiting to dance so I could see all of them perform. Here’s a couple of the girlies with me and our matching pink/red costumes.

Maria May I, Donna Touch, me and Wam Bam Pam

I also was excited cause I got to perform my barbarella dance, which I haven’t done since I debuted it at Hot Rods & Heels in March.

I also performed my french number, Laisse tomber les filles (which I’m modifying for New Orleans).

Rose Darling :: Laisse tomber les filles at Broadzilla from Rose Darling on Vimeo.

The next morning, Penny Starr Jr. had 3 workshops and I attended all of them. She’s a very talented seamstress and knows ALOT about rhinestones and glue. I was lucky enough to learn some of her secrets ;)

You can see the rest of the pics from Chicago in my gallery.

And a little bonus, here’s a bit of what Chicago was like in 1948.

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so wonderful having you!! can’t wait til you come to chicago again!!

Red Hot Annie added these pithy words on Sep 07 09 at 5:33 am