Except for all the RAIN! New Orleans was very kind to me. There is so much craziness going on, the city feels so alive. And I’m so happy to have had Miss Ginger with me to show me all the cool places to eat (she’s profesh) and drink and drink and drink…
(I have a little obsession with daiquiri machines right now) As soon as we arrived, Ginger & Chris took us to Joey K’s Cafe, which had a great mix of home cookin’ and NOLA favorites.

Ginger & I at Joey K’s

Then we had to dry off and get ready for the New Orleans Burlesque Fest kick off reception back at the Westin Hotel, sponsored by Old New Orleans Rum.

That night was the Mondo Burlesque show (which Ruby Joule & Ginger Valentine were in) It was also a reunion of sorts. There are so many burly girls that I have befriended online and I finally got to meet so many of them in person. I could actually touch them! There was a joke of posing like your profile photo so we could all recognize each other (hah!).

After the show, a very large group of us went to a surprisingly (and thankfully) deserted Coop’s Place for a late night dinner. I got to finally hang out with the Chicago Starlets and other girls from California, including Mia Vixen.

Some of the Chicago Starlets

The next day, Ginger & Chris escorted me around the French Quarter, where we ate at Napoleon House and visited some shops, drank some daiquiris. Then I left to get ready for my show, after a nap. ;) The Queen of Burlesque show was first at Harrah’s, then mine followed an hour after at House of Blues (Late Night Bash). The resulting Queen of Burlesque, was no other than New Orleans’ own, Perle Noire (click the link to watch her video), with runners up Catherine D’Lish & Lola Van Ella.

I didn’t get to see the end of the show (sad) cause I had to run over to the House of Blues to get ready for mine. This House of Blues was freaking cool on the inside with drawings and art all over the wall. All the ladies were super sweet and I was so glad to be there! I had some familiar faces joining me, La Divina & <A href=”http://www.myspace.com/cocolectric”>Coco Lectric, but I also met a bunch of new ones.

(From Left) Fannie Spankings, Madame Mystere, Red Snapper, me, Roxie le Rouge, Katherine Lashe and Vagina Jenkins

Whew, what a long post and a busy weekend, check out the rest of my photos here.
Now it’s time to get ready this Saturday, Sept 19th for Nouvelle Burlesque!

Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 on the night of the show, call the Lakewood Theater box office at 214-821-7469. Also, due to popular demand, we will be selling posters of this flyer at the show!

Rose Darling :: Frenchy at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival from Rose Darling on Vimeo.

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