Mark Kaplan from Naked Lens has always been there for the burlesque performers and club go-ers in Dallas taking wonderful photos.
Mark has always offered ALL of his photos, FOR FREE! For anyone to use. Because of him, I have photos of my performances, really great photos I can use for promotional things. Now he needs a little bit of help. I’ve donated and if you have been shot by him, it would be a nice “thank you” if you did too.

Okay, then, here’s the deal: Back in September while shooting the Dallas Pride Parade, I dropped and broke my telephoto lens, leaving me in a bit of a bind. I’m fine for shooting things up close, as in six feet away or less, but beyond that, I’m screwed.

So yeah, basically I’m asking for a few dollars to help buy a replacement.

But I don’t want to ask for something without giving anything in return, so for every $10, I’m offering a 5×7 print of your choice. Granted this only applies to photos that I’ve taken, so there is that limitation, no grabbing someone else’s awesome stuff and asking me to print it for you, that’s what Kinko’s is for.

Okay, thanks for letting me take a few minutes of your time, if you feel so inclined, you may make a donation here:

Thank you again,

Mark Kaplan

The Naked Lens

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