Bewitching Burlesque is having a segment called “Home for the Holidays” as they get ready for their next event, Gifts & Garters.
And I’m featured in the first one! (only cause I finished my interview first ;) You can check it out here, or read the whole thing below.

Home For the Holidays With Rose Darling

What holiday do you celebrate and how do you celebrate it?

I celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, because of that, my parents mixed things up a bit.

I always thought it was cool when I was little cause Hanukkah came before Christmas and we got to open some of our presents “early”. I had no concept of any religious stuff, my parents didn’t force that part on us thankfully.

For Hanukkah we wouldn’t open a present each of the 8 nights, we’d only get to open 1 or 2 total. We would light the candles and said a basic prayer in Hebrew (which I had no idea what it meant until I was older). Then, since we didn’t open a gift every night, we had a small present we would all share as a family. Sometimes it would be one of those sausage/cheese/crackers gift basket things or some gimmel (chocolate coins) with a dreidel.

We would open the rest of our presents on Christmas Eve, which apparently no one else did. My brothers and I found this out while spending Christmas with other relatives. There were many stern looks on us kids faces about breaking “tradition.” In actuality, we just wanted to open them early like we usually did. On Christmas day, there were presents left for us unwrapped on our designated couches and a full stocking.

What is your favorite holiday movie or television show?

I love it when “A Christmas Story” runs all day on Christmas. I also like “Scrooged” and “A Christmas Carol” (both similar, but I like that Charles Dickens story).

What is your favorite holiday song and who performs your favorite version?

I honestly hate most Christmas music. Anything good gets overplayed. I did try out the Sufjan Stevens “Songs for Christmas” last year, it’s not too bad. Its a mix of his own original songs and his version of the traditional songs. I wish there were more Hanukkah songs out there, most of them just sound depressing.

What is your favorite holiday beverage, adult or otherwise?

I love spiced cider with Tuaca.

What is your most memorable holiday gift?

One time, my older brother actually gave me a lump of coal. So I decided to turn it into a “pet rock.” I drew a face, tied a string around it and walked around the house with it for at least a couple of days. I thought, “Hah! That will show him!” But I just ended up looking sillier anyhow. I think I got him back by throwing a bunch of ice on him to wake him up in the morning. Actually, that happened a lot back and forth. I think it entertained my parents so they never stopped it, I’m pretty sure they encouraged it.

Are you a gift shaker?

I’m am most definitely a gift shaker. When I was little and our dogs were puppies, they use to get into the presents and unwrap them or tear them open a little. When the puppies got older they stopped, but my parents didn’t know that. heh heh heh.

Do you rip into gifts or open them nicely so you can reuse or save the wrapping paper?

I’m a ripper. It’s so satisfying.

Care to share a holiday horror story?

I don’t have anything that ruined the holiday, just a bunch of small funny things.

As I explained, my parents are not very traditional. It was pretty common for them to pack us all up and just take off somewhere (I appreciate it now, but it drove me crazy as a kid). One time my mom had brought a honey baked ham in a cooler for us to eat, we had been driving for awhile and then slept, so the rest of us were a bit scared of the ham. I think we ended up driving around for awhile looking for a place that was actually open. We ended up eating at Luby’s.

Oh and there was the time my mom forgot where she hid half of our presents and she found them the following summer.

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